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Marriage proposal in Mauritius

Many paths lead to the “Yes, I do,” and fundamentally, the “YES” is crucial! However, the journey to get there is not insignificant for the end result, namely, a successful marriage proposal. Such a proposal is something very personal and must be well thought out. The location is crucial for the marriage proposal. It should, of course, be romantic - but also as quiet and intimate as possible. With a marriage proposal, the relationship is taken to a new level. After a certain time as a couple in love, it is not unusual for the desire for “more” to arise. Engagement is a special experience for both women and men. It mainly depends on the right planning to ensure the marriage proposal is a complete success.On holiday, the mood is usually relaxed and, therefore, an excellent time to ask for your partner's hand. A romantic seaside marriage proposal is guaranteed to be unforgettable. But even on holiday, everything must be well thought out.

A beach marriage proposal is certainly the most beautiful declaration of love you can make to your partner. In the past, it was customary for the man to ask for the woman's hand in marriage. Nowadays, things are different. There are more and more women who dare to ask the most important question in a couple's life. But in the end, the goal is always to make the marriage proposal as unforgettable as possible.

Marriage Proposal in Mauritius


Marriage Proposal on the beach

Preparation can be particularly challenging since the partner should have no idea. It takes some skill to organize everything secretly. We, as Wedding Planners in Mauritius, know the most beautiful beaches on our island and are excited to plan the marriage proposal with you! We will recommend various beaches near your accommodation. We also have many options for a candlelight dinner afterward. Very popular right after the marriage proposal is also a picnic on the beach while the photographer in the background takes beautiful photos of both of you.


How much does a marriage proposal
on the beach cost ?

Of course, it is difficult to provide an exact cost for a beach marriage proposal because it depends on various factors:


  • Where is the couple's accommodation located, and at which beach should the marriage proposal take place?

  • Should a photographer be booked, and if so, how long should they take photos on-site?

  • Is the arrangement solely for the beach marriage proposal, or should an evening candlelight dinner on the beach be organized as well?

  • Should flowers be ordered, such as a floral wreath or flowers for decoration?

  • Should a singer be booked, and if so, how many?

  • Is a picnic to be arranged, and if so, what should it consist of?

  • Should the marriage proposal be organized during the high season or the off-season?

Nevertheless, we have put together two packages with optional add-ons that have been very popular in the past:

Our first package at 760 EUR:
The classic marriage proposal at the beach

  • Organisation of the marriage proposal at a beach (we recommend suitable beaches near your accommodation)

  • Photographer for 30 minutes (initially hidden, emerging from hiding upon your “yes” to greet the couple, followed by a brief photoshoot)

  • Large beach blanket with flower petals, a small table, 1 bottle of sparkling wine and champagne glasses, along with a fruit platter

  • Other decorations such as lanterns, candles and flowers

  • Provision of a music player (to which you can connect your phones)

  • Assistance with booking a romantic candlelight dinner on a nearby beach

  • Option for rescheduling in case of inclement weather

Classic Marriage Proposal at the beach

Our second package at 1120 EUR:
for nature and adventure lovers

  • Organization of the marriage proposal on the Riambel Beach (in the south of Mauritius)

  • A horseback ride with 2 horses (guided), lasting 30–45 minutes

  • A photographer for 30 minutes (initially concealed, emerging from hiding after your “YES” to greet the couple, followed by a brief photoshoot)

  • Setup as in our first package

  • 1 bottle of sparkling wine and a fresh fruit platter

  • Provision of a music player (to which you can connect your phones)

  • Assistance with booking of a romantic candlelight dinner on a nearby beach

  • Option to reschedule in case of rainy weather

Marriage Proposal with Horses

And now?

Romantic Marriage Proposal at night

Once you have chosen one of our marriage proposal packages, we aim to make the booking process as simple and discreet as possible for you. You can directly select all the desired options and make your reservation. After you have made your selection, we will promptly send you a booking confirmation. Once you have received this confirmation and reviewed all the details, we will provide you with a detailed itinerary and send you the invoice. Your booking will be confirmed once we have received your deposit. We ensure that your marriage proposal is firmly booked with the vendors you have chosen. We look forward to assisting you in the planning and organisation of your special moment! Alternatively you can also fill out the contact form and we will send you our 2 proposals first.

Marriage Proposal at the beach of Mauritius

Romantic Journey through Our Marriage Proposals

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