Wedding Proposal

Wedding Proposal in Mauritius


There are many routes that lead to "Will you marry me? " 

A simple phrase that will be a treasured memory and the start of something beautiful. 


Creating the perfect marriage proposal takes a personalised effort with every tiny detail thought through extensively. Details such as the ideal location, time of day and personal touches all come together in perfect harmony to create an indelible memory that signifies your love for each other. It needs to be romantic, quiet and private. It is afterall a special moment shared between yourself and your loved one. Proposing while on holiday presents itself as the ideal time and place. 

Taking the next step in your lives together is a momentous occasion and can be stressful. We propose to ease your concerns and take care of everything. You may have an idea of how you want to do it or perhaps not. Allow us to assist you in presenting your loved one with the most memorable wedding proposal that shows your romantic and perpetual love. 

During the proposal emotions run high and such a private moment should be savoured between yourself and your fiancé. We plan and coordinate the perfect proposal so you may enjoy this beautiful moment in privacy. The preparations are often particularly difficult because your loved one is caught off guard and often has no idea what to expect (if anything). If you are proposing marriage it can be a tense and stressful situation for yourself. We remove the concerns of planning and coordination so you may enjoy the moment with your partner and not be preoccupied or nervous. 

Happily Forever realise what is required for the perfect proposal and would be honoured to take over the planning and coordination with the highest level of professional etiquette and discretion. We are familiar with the island and have extensive knowledge pertaining to your unique and memorable experience. Proposing a life long commitment is a sign of your eternal love for each other. Such a special moment demands the perfect and flawless presentation. We would be honoured to be of service to you for the start of your lives together. 

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Getting married in Mauritius

Getting married in Mauritius

The civil wedding is the foundation of love and the prerequisite for the legally valid marriage. The civil marriage of foreign couples in Mauritius is permitted and thus can be legalised in all member states of "The Hague Convention" (including all of Europe and having a total of 82 members). The marriage certificate is stamped in Mauritius with the official stamp called Apostille. This document must be presented to the Civil Status office back in your home countries in order to legalise wedding. From most citizens we only need a copy of the first three double pages of the passports and a copy of both (international) birth certificates by email. We do not need a "certificate of no impediment to marriage".

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Mauritius offers the perfect location for your dream wedding. Besides marvellous beaches, the island paradise in the Indian Ocean also offers unique settings, so that your wedding day will become the most wonderful day of your life. Stunning locations and the chance to realise and experience different ceremonies will delight couples and guests alike. Far away from everyday stress at home, Mauritius is the perfect spot for weddings. While elsewhere the registrar’s office is the typical place to tie the knot, Mauritius offers various wedding locations. A small ceremony on a private beach in front of your own villa or perhaps a wedding followed by party on a small island? Maybe you prefer to tie the knot under water or on a catamaran or a yacht. Your wishes are our mission. Please contact us for a quote.





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