Wedding on a Boat

Wedding on a Catamaran

Get married onboard a private catamaran surrounded by the blue Indian Ocean. Have a morning wedding or an afternoon sunset wedding on the calm seas of Mauritius. Our Catamaran is comfortable and offers sufficient space for a beautiful ceremony aboard for a maximum of 20 persons. Also, live music and dancing is a possibility. The partially covered cabin area provides shade from the sun.

Wedding on a Catamaran
Catamaran Wedding Mauritius by Happily Forever
Getting Married on a Boat

Wedding on a Yacht

Celebrate your wedding on an exclusive Yacht in intimate togetherness or with a maximum of 6 invited guests. Enjoy the fascinating mauritian landscapes with a luxurious Yacht.


Like the Catamaran, we can also decorate the Yacht and organize live singers, dancing, lunch and dinner, fireworks and much more to measure up to your wishes.

Getting married on a Yacht in Mauritus

Wedding on a

platform at sea

Not exactly a boat but also "swims on the ocean", this chapel can be found in the north of Mauritius, to be more precise in Balaclava. It can host the bridal couple and a maximum of 10 invited guests. The wooden platform is ideal between October & April because of a constant nice breeze. After the ceremony you can choose either a romantic dinner at the beach or a table in one of the best sushi restaurants of the island.

Wedding at Sea
Weding on a platform at sea by Happily Forever
Civil Wedding by Happily Forever




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