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Wedding in Mauritius

The perfect place for the wedding of your dreams!

Those who are getting married Mauritius already know exactly why. The island paradise in the Indian Ocean offers not only beautiful beaches but also unique settings, so that the wedding becomes the most beautiful day of your life. Breathtaking locations and the possibility of experiencing different ceremonies according to one's own ideas make couples and guests shine alike.

Read more about the different types of ceremonies for your wedding in Mauritius


Far away from the stress of everyday life, Mauritius is perfect for getting married. While elsewhere the registry office is the typical place where man and woman exchange vows, the possibilities on Mauritius are much more far-reaching when it comes to choosing the ideal wedding venue. Whatever location you have chosen, we look forward to being part of your big day!​ Read more about our wedding venues for your wedding in Mauritius


Getting married in Mauritius is easy for citizens of countries that are member states of the Hague Convention (read here if you country is a member state). They are exempt from additional document legalisation after the wedding in Mauritius. The Apostille (official stamp) is the only required form of document legalisation. You will receive the marriage certificate with the Apostille from us two to three working days after your wedding. After you return, you present the certificate at the registry office in your home town and your marriage will then be entered in the wedding register. Read more about the documents required for a legal wedding in Mauritius

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Required Documents

Required documents for a
civil wedding in Mauritius

For the civil or civil wedding in Mauritius, the required documents and formalities for wedding couples differ slightly from those in the home country. As a competent partner and wedding planner for your wedding in Mauritius, we take over the complete organisation of the formal part.


Getting married in Mauritius is legally valid in all member states of the Hague Convention. Only the registration has to be done after the return in the home country. Even if you find your country in the List of the member states, it is advisable to check with the relevant registry office before traveling for further information. Some countries require additionally for the Wedding Certificate to pass through the relevant embassy or consulate before being taken home for registration.


By email we need 11 to 6 weeks prior to the wedding date (in a PDF) the following from you:


- The filled in Application to marry

- Copy of the first 3 double pages of both passports

- Copy of the international birth certificates (must be max. 3 months old on the wedding day! Some countries such as India do not produce new birth certificates other than the original one upon birth. For these countries the government of Mauritius makes exceptions but an Affidavit needs to be sworn in Port Louis on the same day that you do the formal part. Should you book our service "help with the formal part", the fees for the affidavit are included.

- If you were married before and got divorced, we need a certified translation of the divorce decree (can be done by any translation agency).

Once we have received all your documents we will send them to the Central Civil Status Office in Port Louis. Their approval (or demand for further documentation) usually takes 2 to 4 weeks. Unfortunately we cannot accelerate the process by sending emails or going there in person.


If the surname on your international birth certificate is different from the surname on your passport, we will need documents to justify the name change (dead poll) unless the different surname is due to a previous marriage. If you do not provide this, the wedding certificate will show the surname according to the birth certificate.


Civil weddings can only take place Monday through Friday after 4:15 p.m. and all day on weekends and holidays. Symbolic weddings can take place on any day and at any time. Please note that there must be at least one day between the appointment at the registry office and the wedding. Therefore, the ceremony and the appointment at the registry office in Port Louis cannot take place on the same day.


Should the wedding take place within a period of 10 months after the divorce / after the death of the husband, a certificate from a Mauritian doctor must be presented that there is no pregnancy of the bride at the time of the wedding. Should there be a pregnancy, the wedding may not be performed in Mauritius for legal reasons.


In Mauritius, the birth name, according to the international birth certificate, is always entered on the marriage certificate. A change of name due to the wedding must be applied for afterwards in your home country via the registry office. If the current family name differs from the birth name, please check in advance with your registry office whether the apostille on the birth name is accepted in the course of recognition in the home country. Only if a Deed Poll is available, the valid name according to the Deed Poll will be transferred to the wedding certificate according to Mauritian law. The Deed Poll can be an official document about a name change or a confirmation about the name change certified by the registry office.


If you are arriving alone, we will also provide the two mandatory witnesses. We will bring the wedding certificate, stamped by the authorities (Apostille), to your accommodation two to three working days after the wedding day.


Neither a certificate of marriageability nor a confirmation of residence is required in Mauritius.

Wedding Venues

Wedding Venues

In Mauritius you are not limited when it comes to choosing the ideal wedding location. The most popular place for this is, of course, the beach. If you have booked one of our beach villas, you can get married undisturbed in your own garden directly on the beach. If you have chosen another accommodation, we can also organize the wedding on a public beach. You also have the possibility to anchor on a small, uninhabited island to give your wedding vows there. We also offer you to celebrate the special day on a yacht or on a catamaran, or as a last option to celebrate the wedding under water.

Types of Ceremonies

Different Types of Ceremonies

The civil wedding is the legal foundation of love and the prerequisite for a legally valid marriage in your home country. The civil marriage of foreign couples in front of a Mauritian registrar is permitted in Mauritius and subsequently registered in all member states of The Hague Convention. The marriage certificate is stamped with the official authority stamp (Apostille) in Mauritius and this document must be presented to the registry office in your home country to make the marriage legal there as well. Read more about the required documents for a civil wedding in Mauritius.

Bride and Groom

Symbolic or secular ceremonies do not possess legal validity and are therefore not bound by legal conventions in form and content. This ceremony is ideal for couples that already got married in their home country and would now like to celebrate the wedding in the company of their inner circle or alone with their partner. The ceremony is held by an independent wedding officiant, who will design an individual speech for you and your partner. You also have the opportunity to address each other with personal wedding vows or to add a sand ceremony at the end of the ceremony.

Beach Wedding

You want to take the anniversary of your wedding or another important event as an occasion to renew your wedding vows ? For the renewal of your wedding vows we create a beautiful and romantic setting in Mauritius. The exceptionality and personal character of this celebration will ensure that your marriage anniversary will be in no way inferior to your marriage ceremony.  The renewal of marriage vows, like the symbolic wedding, has no civil validity. Repeated wedding vows are not a legal ceremony, but a very personal one. For many, it is a romantic sign to renew one's wedding vows after years of going through thick and thin. The renewal of the wedding vows at that time is not a repetition of them, but rather a conscious looking back in pride and gratitude for all the years that were experienced together.

The occasion can be very different - whether it is a round anniversary or a personal celebration after passed ups and downs of the time together. In the following table you will find the names of the wedding anniversaries and when the respective years of marriage are celebrated.

1 year


5 years


7 years


10 years


15 years


20 years


25 years


30 years


50 years


75 years



In Mauritius, Church Weddings can be held in both English and French. It is up to you to decide in which of the romantic churches you would like to get married, as each has its own unique charm. Please note that for the preparation of a church wedding in Mauritius, a processing time of 4 to 5 months should be taken into account due to the long postal routes. Read more about Church Weddings in Mauritius

Wedding Toast
Outdoor Wedding
Wedding Photos
Price Wedding

Your Ceremony During Your Honeymoon in Mauritius

Luxury and togetherness for honeymoon in Mauritius. Those who have chosen Mauritius for their honeymoon will not be disappointed. The island paradise in the Indian Ocean offers not only dreamlike beaches but also unique backdrops, so that the honeymoon becomes the most beautiful vacation of a lifetime. Experience dreamlike beaches, romantic restaurants, exclusive beach villas and unforgettable excursions during your honeymoon.


Mauritius, the island paradise in the Indian Ocean, offers stunning backdrops in addition to gorgeous beaches to make your honeymoon the best vacation of your life. Many bridal couples would like to give themselves after the civil wedding with the whole family in the homeland, once again in trusted and relaxed togetherness the YES word. The answer to that is a Symbolic Wedding! There are extensive venues for such a wedding in Mauritius. A small wedding ceremony on a private beach in the garden of your own beach villa or rather on a small uninhabited island? Maybe you prefer to say yes again on a catamaran or a yacht. The various locations and the possibility to perform and experience different ceremonies according to your own ideas make bridal couples shine. 

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How much does a wedding in Mauritius cost ?

Generally answering the question of the price of a wedding in Mauritius is difficult. It depends on many different factors such as:


What is the chosen wedding venue?

How many guests are invited?

What form of ceremony will be chosen (civil, symbolic or church)?

Will help be needed with the formal part?

Will the wedding be organised in high or low season ? 

How does the flower arrangement (flower arch, bridal bouquet and corsage) look like?

Will additional options such as make-up artist, singer, wedding cake and/or videographer be booked ?

Our most popular and most frequently booked wedding package costs 1,720 euros (subject to price changes), is organized in the north of Mauritius and is independent of the booked accommodation. It is aimed at bridal couples who are getting married in Mauritius without any guests.


The package consists of:


  • An English speaking Wedding Planner, who books and coordinates all service providers and is at your side on the wedding day

  • Transfer from your accommodation to the chosen wedding venue and back in the evening

  • A photographer who will take photos of you for about 1.5 hours and gives you at least 70 edited photos via link in high resolution 

  • Decorative coconut instead of the ring pillow

  • With flowers decorated table and chairs

  • Performing of the ceremony by a registrar in English or French

  • 1 bottle of sparkling wine

  • 3 course candlelight dinner directly on the beach

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Our island weddings start at 3,000 euros with similar package components. By choosing the Coco island, the exclusive rent of the whole island from 16:30 to 23:00 is included.

The package consists of:


  • An English speaking Wedding Planner, who books and coordinates all service providers and is at your side on the wedding day

  • Transfer from your accommodation to the chosen wedding venue and back in the evening

  • A photographer who will take photos of you for about 1.5 hours and gives you at least 70 edited photos via link in high resolution

  • Decorative coconut instead of the ring pillow

  • With flowers decorated table and chairs

  • Performing of the ceremony by a registrar in English or French

  • 1 bottle of sparkling wine

  • 3 course candlelight dinner directly on the beach

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