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Underwater Wedding

Dive into the glistening waters of the Indian Ocean and say "I DO" with more bubbles than champagne. When most people dream about their wedding, it usually involves a tranquil romantic scene with a bride in white floating elegantly down the beautifully decorated aisle. There’s usually not a lot of water involved in these dreams. Unless you’re looking for a touch of adventure and want to plunge under the waves for your vows.

This intriguing concept is perfect for couples who search for something unique and memorable. Whether you’re a snorkeler, diver, surfer, a lover of the ocean, or just simply want an adventure, this is a great option to consider. One of the draw cards of an underwater wedding is the beautiful underwater scenery and marine life that will create the perfect ideal backdrop for your ceremony. There’s no need to hire a decorator for this part of the proceedings – Mother Nature has it all under control! 


No matter if it is rainy or stormy – one thing is sure: You do not need to fend a lot for the weather when getting married underwater. The sea temperature varies from 25 to 28 decrees Celsius in the summer months (from November to April) and from 23 to 26 degrees in the winter months (from May to October).

Diver's Wedding in Mauritius

The diver's wedding takes place around 4 to 6 meters below sea level in the north of Mauritius. You will both wear masks and scuba unit. A scuba diving lesson would be necessary for those couples who aren’t divers, so that they can be comfortable underwater. Diving instructors will be on your side during the entire underwater ceremony. Brides need not worry about giving up on wearing their perfect wedding dress – many couples wear traditional wedding clothing for their underwater wedding. As the sea water in Mauritius even in winter stays enjoyable warm, couples can also wear simple bathing suits for the occasion. Regardless of what you choose to wear, it is probably a good idea to exchange your shoes in favor of a set of fins for easier movement underwater.

You might be thinking about how you are going to get your parents to don a wetsuit and use a regulator in order to attend your wedding. Your family and friends can also attend scuba diving lessons before the wedding to be able to take a plunge with you on your wedding day. Should they prefer to stay dry, your guests can await you on the boat once you dive up after your ceremony. We can also organize a wedding reception on a nearby beach after the underwater spectacle.

A maximum of 20 persons can attend the underwater wedding. As in any wedding ceremony, vows are said. That will be done using diving slates for a written version. You will also learn the basics of the common diver's sign language to better communicate underwater. As scuba divers, only symbolic ceremonies can be performed. If you wish to get legally married, a registrar can wed you either on the boat or at another location.

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Wedding in the Submarine

Experience an unforgettable moment surrounded by the peaceful marine life of Mauritius. The wedding in the exclusive Submarine takes place around 35 Meters below sea level in the north of Mauritius. Both civil and symbolic weddings can be performed in the Submarine. A maximum of 6 persons (bridal couple + 4 guests) can attend the wedding in the Submarine. A romantic lunch in the Submarine right after the wedding can be organized.

Wedding in Submarine
Wedding in Submarine

Underwater Wedding Walk

The Underwater Wedding Walk takes place around 2 to 3 Meters below sea level either in the north or in the east of Mauritius. As in all the other underwater wedding ceremonies, vows are here said too. That will be done using diving slates that are prepared upfront together with you. After you have tied the knot you will enjoy the underwater walk with the colorful marine life as your witnesses. Instead of a wedding cake you can order fresh fruits on the boat. The Underwater Wedding Walk is suitable for symbolic ceremonies only. If you wish to get legally married, a registrar can wed you either on the boat or at another location. Qualified guides will be on your side along the whole underwater walk to guaranty your safety.

Underwater Wedding Mauritius
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