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Marriage proposal in Mauritius

Many ways lead to the 'Yes I do' and basically: the 'YES' is decisive! Nevertheless, the way there is not insignificant for the final result, namely the successful marriage proposal. Such an event is something very personal and must be well thought out. The place is crucial. Romantic, of course, it should be - but also as quiet and intimate as possible. With it, the relationship is raised to a new level. After a certain amount of time as lovers, it is not uncommon for the desire for "more" to arise. The engagement is a special experience for women and men alike. It depends above all on the right planning, so that the proposal becomes a complete success. On vacation, the mood is usually relaxed and is therefore a wonderful opportunity to ask for the hand of your partner. A romantic marriage proposal by the sea is guaranteed to be unforgettable. But even on vacation everything must be thought through.


A marriage proposal is certainly the most beautiful declaration of love that you can make to your partner. In the past, it was common for the man to ask for the woman's hand in marriage. Nowadays it looks different. There are more and more women who dare and ask probably the most important question in the life of a couple. But in the end, it doesn't matter who decides to propose. The goal is always to make it as memorable as possible.

The preparation is especially difficult, because the partner should not suspect anything. So it takes some skill to organize everything secretly. We as wedding planners in Mauritius know the most beautiful beaches of our island and are happy to plan the beach marriage proposal together with you! We will recommend you different beaches, close to your accommodation. Also for the candle light dinner afterwards we have many addresses. Very popular right after the proposal is also a picnic on the beach while the photographer takes beautiful photos of you both in the background.


How much does a marriage proposal on the beach cost ?

Of course, it is difficult to give a general price for a marriage proposal on the beach, because it depends on many different factors:


  • Where is the couple's accommodation located and on which beach should the proposal take place ?

  • Should a photographer be booked and if so, how long should he/she take photos on location ?

  • Should only the proposal on the beach be organized or also a candlelight dinner on the beach in the evening ?

  • Should flowers be ordered ? (Hair wreath, flowers as decoration)

  • Should one singer be booked ? Or several?

  • Should a picnic be organized and if so, what should it consist of?

  • Should the beach proposal be organized in the high or low season?

It is difficult to look into the future, but much easier to look back into the past. In January 2022, we organized a marriage proposal for 760 euros, which had the following components:

  • Organization of the marriage proposal on the beach of Trou aux Biches (the couple had their accommodation there and came to the beach on foot).

  • Large beach towel with flower petals, small table, champagne cooler, 1 bottle of sparkling wine and champagne glasses and a fruit plate

  • Provision of a music player (to which the couple could connect their cell phones)

  • Photographer for 30 minutes (first the photographer took hidden photos and as from her YES he came out of his hiding place, greeted the couple and started the photo shooting)

  • Decoration around the beach towel with lanterns, candles and flowers

  • Reservation of a romantic candlelight dinner on a nearby beach

  • Option to postpone in case of bad weather

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