Julia Thell

Founder  Julia Thell

After her studies, the Vienna-born founder of ‘Wedding Planner Mauritius’ spent several years in search of the perfect place to practice her passion – the planning of weddings. This path led her from Austria via the Seychelles, Paris, Lyon and Warsaw all the way to Mauritius. The latter turned out to be the final destination of her long-term search.


‘There cannot be a better or more beautiful place in this world for a romantic beach wedding’


In the island paradise of Mauritius, her experience in event management in renowned hotels contribute to the practice of her passion – to guide couples into a new chapter of their lives in the most beautiful ambiance.


Throughout her long-standing travels, she perfected her knowledge of English and French, both official languages in Mauritius. Thus allowing her to integrate into the local society.

Ute Junghanns

Ute Junghanns: Wedding Officiant

Razia Beeharry: Wedding Planner

Pravin: formalities specialist

Prisca: make up artist and hairdresser

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