Beach Wedding in Mauritius

Beach Wedding in Mauritius


Getting married on the beach with the turquoise sea and a sandy beach in the background – that is the idea of a perfect wedding for many couples. The tropical island paradise of Mauritius is located in the Indian Ocean and offers the perfect setting for an unforgettable wedding on the beach and a romantic honeymoon afterwards, due to the constantly warm climate, crystal clear water and heavenly sandy beaches.

The list of different locations for a beach wedding is long. The first option we propose is to celebrate your wedding, either civil or symbolic at the beach in front of your own beach villa. Most of the Mauritian beach villas require you to book the villa for a minimum of five nights.  If you do not want to rent a beach villa, you can also celebrate your wedding on one of our proposed small islands. Another option, we offer to arrange the ceremony either on a public beach or directly at our hotel. Please contact us via the contact form if you need guidance for a hotel with a suitable beach for your wedding or if you have further questions.

In case you are not yet sure if you prefer to celebrate a civil or symbolic wedding, click here to learn about the difference.


Wedding in your private Beach Villa

If you want to celebrate your wedding only with your close family or friends, we suggest booking one of our beach villas. We have selected all the villas carefully ourselves to ensure they are perfectly suited for a tranquil dream wedding on the beach right in front of your doorstep. A ceremony at your private beach villa can only host a maximum of 12 people. House owners permitting a ceremony with more guests than they offer beds is very rare.


Wedding on a little island

The Coco Island (Île des deux Cocos) is located in the southeast of Mauritius – in Blue Bay. Ile Des Deux Cocos has long been the best keep secret in Mauritius. This totally secluded private island boasts a one-of-a-kind Moroccan inspired villa, a picture-perfect beach and outstanding personal service for a wedding experience unique in the whole world. Between the unobstructed views, a picturesque villa and the team of dedicated staff, you can pretty much live out your ultimate castaway fantasy. Your wedding on Île des Deux Cocos will be a unique and unforgettable life-time experience.

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Ile des deux Cocos
Wedding on a little island in Mauritius
Civil Wedding on an Island
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Getting married on an island

Wedding on a little island

Enjoy a day in paradise like never before, having a wonderful wedding day on the secluded and stunning Island Ile aux Cerfs (Deer Island) which is located off the East coast of Mauritius in the largest coral-reef lagoon and can be reached by boat from the small fishing village of Trou d'eau Douce. It offers picturesque surroundings in a wild setting of natural beauty. Experience this blissful heaven of pure relaxation, and get mesmerized by the turquoise blue sea water and white marvelously white sandy beaches fringed by Casuarina trees. The south-east of the island is less touristy and there are numerous idyllic beaches, which are excellent for smaller wedding celebrations. Once populated by cerfs (deers, that were imported for hunting in the 17th century), the picturesque island now offers a golf course, three restaurants and lots of water sports activities.

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Ile aux Cerfs
Getting married at Ile aux Cerfs
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